The Role of Siemens Water Technology in Water Treatment and Marine growth prevention System

Siemens water technology has played a major role in water treatment requirements of the famous oil and gas organization for more than four decades. They work hard to offer a complete range of facilities, as well as processes, with the aim of satisfying the requirement of water treatment to users.

Clean water is essential to the oil and gas industry, especially in making oily produced water clean before the process of reinjection or allowance to the environment. Siemens offer the largest range of sure filtration and separation innovations in the sector for the produced water treatment. A number of things that are included incorporate solid separation, tertiary water separation, oil and water recovery and so on. Siemens water Company gives support equipment like electro-chlorination tools, chemical feed tools as well as VOC control frameworks.

Marine growth prevention framework or system (MGPS) On a Ship

In the process of sailing, it is good to note that ships use seawater for quite a number of functions. It is utilized in the ship system and later channeled out after use. The sea water that enters the ship system contains certain marine organisms. The organisms flourish in parts of the system of the ship. In the event that preventive measures are not taken, the marine growth can bring about harm to the specific part with time.

While the system is in operation, copper anode is used to produce particles. They are diverted by water into the funneling and hardware kind of a framework. Centralization of copper in the arrangement is less than two sections every billion except enough to prevent marine growth from settling.

As a result of impressed current, the aluminum brings about ions that immediately spread in the system. They later lead to the production of an anti-corrosive film on the pipes, refrigeration, valves and air conditioning unit in the inside.

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