Top 4 Recommendations to Do at KLIA2: Explore Great Shopping Avenues


Are you having a transit flight that stops at Malaysia and you are worried of the long waiting hours? Or, your flight has been delayed and you are stuck at KLIA2 with nothing to do? Instead of sitting at a corner and scrolling through your phone, consider visiting the Gateway@KLIA2 Mall to explore great shopping avenues.


This mall is a great place for tourists to ease their waiting time. You can satisfy your craving for food anytime as the food and beverages premises are open 24/7. Aside from food and drinks, this mall offers a wide range of retail stores that are open from 6am to midnight. So, you do not need to worry that you have nowhere to kill time at the airport.


The Gateway@KLIA2 Mall is a place that keeps you entertained and rested throughout your wait at the airport. Perhaps this new airport-within-a-mall concept could be one of the unforgettable memories of your short stay in Malaysia. Here are top 4 recommended things to do at this mall.

  1. Grab Food


Pamper yourself with a good meal at this mall. You will get to choose from over 300 varieties of dining options ranging from Western, Chinese, Arabic and local Malaysian cuisine. If you are overwhelmed by the choices and want something familiar, perhaps you can go for the all-time favourite fast-food outlets here, such as Burger King, KFC, Marrybrown and McDonald’s.


  1. Have a Drink and Relax


If you prefer to have a cup of drink while reading a good book to kill time, the cafes at this mall will not disappoint you. You can get a boost of caffeine at a premium cafe such as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks Coffee, McCafe and the local favourite Old Town White Coffee. Having a cup of your favourite drink at these fine selected coffee and tea shops will make your wait at the airport more comfortable and time will fly without you knowing. If you want something light to snack on, there are also pastries, cakes and sandwiches for you!


  1. Shopping Time!


If you need to buy something or you are in the mood to shop, do not miss out the shops at this mall. With a wide range of duty-free stores ranging from fashion and apparel to jewellery and timepieces, there will be an item that fits your need. Aside from shopping for yourself, you may also find a gift that may suit your family and friends.


  1.     Get the Services That You Need


Forgot to exchange currency of your destination country? You may do so here at the currency exchange counters that are operated by banks. They are conveniently located around Level 1 and 2 at AmBank, CIMB, RHB, Maybank and Bank Islam.


If you are planning to spend some time in Malaysia or have frequent trips here, it would be a great choice to get a SIM card. You may choose a desired plan according to your budget and needs. This enables you to stay connected even when there is no accessible Wi-Fi, especially when you are out on the go. The telecommunication providers are located at Level 2. Some stores may include Celcom, Maxis & Hotlink, Digi and Flexiroam.


After your visit at the Gateway@KLIA2 Mall, you might want to get some rest to recharge and prepare for your upcoming travel. It may be uncomfortable and difficult to get some actual sleep on the cold hard benches at the airport. Why not put up a night at a budget KLIA2 hotel to get some decent rest without burning a hole in your wallet?

The Tune Hotel KLIA2 may be a great option for you as it offers day use transit rooms where the rates are on 12-hours basis. This allows you to save even more! Moreover, the hotel is easily accessible from KLIA2. It is just a short 8 minutes walk from the arrival hall at KLIA2. You can book a room now at the official website or contact them at 03-87871720/28 to secure a room especially during peak seasons.

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