Why Malaysia

Recently, following the South Asian-Southeast Asian economic integration, there has been a tremendous increase in international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows which brings about significant socio-economic gains.

However, out of all SEA countries, why should you focus your investment in Malaysia?

In fact, what makes Malaysia appealing is the robust growth in private investment. Ever since the implementation of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) in 2010, Malaysia has experienced an unprecedented growth of  13.9%. By 2014, the total private investment amounts to USD 39.89 billion.

To majority of investors, Malaysia acts as a regional gateway that provides tons of opportunities a myriad of sectors. Besides, the following advantages are also the driving factors that attract investment as well:


A.)  Abundance of Resources 

Be it for downstream or upstream industries, Malaysia’s rich natural resources including rubber, oil, gas and etc. endow it with limitless potential for development. Besides, the consistent development of Malaysia owes to the availability of skilled and competitive labour force as well.


B.) Political stability

With democracy and proper policies in place, Malaysia provides a conducive environment for business and investment. Apart from it, Malaysia has even ranked the World Number 18 in terms of the best destination to do business according to the Doing Business 2015 report.


C.) Financial Priviledges

The total corporate tax rate in Malaysia, which was 25% in 2014, was attractive to investors in comparison to other countries. Its flexible credit policies and innovative financial products allows organisations to access to liquidity as well.


D.) Melting Pot of Culture

Endowed with cultural diversity, Malaysia becomes the main hub for companies which intend to penetrate into Indonesia, China or India markets.